At Pineapple Insurance Adjusters we understand...

We understand that as an insurance carrier or administrator it can be difficult to have a direct presence in every neighborhood that your policy holders are located.

We understand that costs can be substantial, and increasing your internal claims department may not fit within your current budget or strategy.

We understand it can be difficult to verify facts of a loss without an on-site presence.

We understand it can be difficult at times to communicate with policy holders who are hundreds or thousands of miles away, speak a different language or even have a strong accent unfamiliar to you.

We understand it can be difficult to service a policy holder when you do not have a relationship with vendors you can trust to give you fair and reasonable pricing.

We understand that you want your insureds to know that you truly care for them and that you want to service them at your highest standard.

Our Mission

Is to provide quick and thorough claims adjusting service to our clients.

How will we accomplish this?

We accomplish our mission by following our principles.

Our 6 Principles


We strive to maintain and grow strong personal relationships with our clients, other businesses and individuals throughout the communities we operate in and industries we work with.  These relationships are key resources in order to help us be better professionals.

Long-term Perspective

We put our clients' long-term interests at the forefront of our business.  With every decision and communication we make, we want what is best in the long run for all parties involved.  We will turn away a prospective new client if we believe we are not the right fit.  If we are not the right fit for you, we will let you know and gladly recommend another company which would be able to help you.


We stay true to the values we learned growing up in Hawaii.  Our service is rooted in the spirit of “Aloha”.  All of our intentions, communications and interactions come from this warm essence of the traditional Hawaiian culture.


We are always looking for more cost-effective opportunities for our clients.  We strive to remain at the forefront of technology and we strive to improve our internal operating systems in order to provide quicker, streamlined processes.

Quality Advisors

Our personal relationships with other individual professionals within the Hawaii businesses and insurance industry give us the ability to tap into various expert resources and perspectives that may not be otherwise readily available.

Give Back

We pride ourselves on giving back to the communities we operate in.  We believe community involvement allows for a positive cyclical effect to take place which we feel benefits us and our clients.

Can we help you?

Contact us to find out if we can be of assistance to you.